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I am so grateful for the spiritual teachings of Wind Daughter.

Ceremony has connected me with my higher self and nourished

my spirit. I now feel stronger, brighter and freer.

— Brown Badger

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Marca - Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for sharing your world with us, Wind Daughter.  You are a strong woman and I have always admired your wisdom and commitment to spreading the light. The women’s gatherings I went to in Hazelton years ago still touch my heart today. I will never forget the spiritual connections that I experienced.
Thank you for being there for me, then and now. Much love ❤️

White Swan Woman

Wind Daughter and her wonderful teachings uplift my spirit, help me to be positive, and increase my self-worth and self-esteem. The people that I have met through these events are genuine, caring and open-minded people. Thanks for your good medicine, Wind Daughter!

She Walks with Beauty on Mother Earth,  Earth Woman

I went to a medicine wheel at Lily Dale, New York in the 1990's with Wind Daughter.  The Medicine Wheel was marvelous and I felt the kindness and love from a wonderful Teacher.  One evening we were to have Sweat Lodge and some indigenous folks decided we should not.  I learned a powerful lesson that evening about patience and love, and about how to convert situations into opportunities.  Instead of Sweat Lodge we sat in the bones of the lodge and choose pipe ceremony to pray to Creator.  A very beautiful and fulfilling evening with  Wind Daughter, a woman of great integrity and intelligence. 

Aleahkwe, Canada

I have worked with Wind Daughter for many years and it was her support and teachings that brought me to the sacred pipe. The many Spiritual ceremonies over the years have been incredibly good medicine and knowledge filled. The spiritual community is loving and supportive and all inclusive. Wind Daughter walks with integrity and the sacred wisdom of the elders and ancestors. She is a healer and a beautiful soul. Forever grateful for the blessing of her in my life. 

Peacefully, Jane Rosalea Brown

My experience of attending a gathering where Wind Daughter shared Indigenous teachings of the Medicine Wheel and a Sweat Lodge has stayed with me over the years. I was a 'Snow Goose' whose stone represented love. Whenever I see geese heading north, I think of the Medicine Wheel's teaching of love. Wind Daughter is a woman of deep wisdom with compassion and caring for our Mother Earth and all beings. Deep gratitude to Wind Daughter for offering her gatherings where we are all enriched by Indigenous teachings,

Whispering Bear Woman

How do you put into words how much Wind Daughter has changed my life completely, with her love, spiritual teachings, kindness, support and guidance!!!! Words come difficult that are in my Heart. My spiritual path has become my healing, my breath, my life, my devotion and my love. I was a very, non-trusting woman when we first met, walls so high, as a survivor of  human trafficking. Even then, she showed me love and respect. There is so much more, that words are hard to express that are in my Heart. Look who I am today...  a Sacred Pipe Carrier! Thank you Wind Daughter from my Heart and Spirit for all that you have enriched my life; for being my Mother, my GrandMother, Sister, Confidant, and my sweet, dear, closest Friend!! 

Grandfather Gordon

The first time I met Wind Daughter was at a gathering in Michigan many years ago. I was quite standoffish due to my own issues around women. I wondered, who was this woman was who attracts so many followers and what is she about? When I finally got to meet her, I felt an instant calm and an energy of acceptance! We have become close friends over the years. I love, respect and honor her. Wind Daughter's Medicine Wheel along with her teachings have enhanced my life greatly. Recently, Wind has bestowed upon me the title of Grandfather of her Michigan community. It was then that I realized that I meant a lot to her as well. I would definitely encourage anyone who is seeking Truth, Love, Respect and Wisdom to attend one of her gatherings with an open heart and mind. You too will be blessed.

Sky Otter

Love Winddaughter!  I participate in her events as often as possible.  So happy our paths crossed. I do wish she lived closer to my home state... only because then I could selfishly see her more often!  One of my true shaman guides!

Michigan Student

Wind Daughter's gentle, experiential teaching style helps beginners and the proficient alike ease into powerful spiritual states and discover new things about themselves and the world around us. I've been attending events where she taught since 1994, and have done in-depth studies with her in both pipe and lodge. I unreservedly recommend her.